Rules/Policies for Parents

Night league rules and policies parents/guardians should be aware of:


Coaches, Parents and Players are not to enter any game-designated gymnasium without a V&DABA Gym Supervisor in attendance.

Access to schools is restricted to the gym area only.  No one is to be wandering/loitering in hallways.

No food is permitted in the gym area.  If any liquid is spilled, please ensure it is cleaned up.

Players should be picked up from the gym by a responsible adult immediately following the completion of the game.

If you or your child has lost an item, please check with one of the Gym Supervisors.  At the end of the season, all unclaimed items will be given to charity.


All uniform tops must be of the same colour with numbers front and back.

T-shirts, if worn under the top, must all be white.

Compression wear on the upper body must be white.

Tops must be tucked into shorts unless manufactured to be worn outside the shorts.

All shorts must be of the same colour but not necessarily the colour of the top, or black.

Compression wear worn on the lower body must be black.


No jewellery may be worn in any game. Taping over jewellery is not allowed and this includes new piercings. This policy will be strictly enforced.


V&DABA will not hesitate to suspend any parent, player, coach or spectator who contravenes the league code of conduct.