Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct Form

Victoria & District Amateur Basketball Association

Registration Completion Requirement

Attention Parent/Guardian:

To complete the registration process of the Victoria & District Amateur Basketball Association, it is mandatory for all parents/guardians to read, understand the risks and agree to abide by the V&DABA “Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct” by completing the online form at the link below:

Your child's name entered on the form MUST exactly match the name they were registered as.

           e.g.  "Jacob Smith" would not match "Jake Smith"

                   "Abigail Johnson-Smith" would not match "Abby Smith"

If you have more than one child playing in night league basketball, then you must complete and submit a separate form for each child.  You will have the opportunity to complete multiple forms (if required) during the online process.

The submission of the completed online form to the V&DABA Registrar completes the registration process and insures your child to play in the V&DABA night league basketball program.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your child/ward CANNOT play in the V&DABA night league basketball program until this online form is completed and submitted to the league Registrar.

In addition, each coach will read the “Player Code of Conduct” to their players and ensure the players sign a form indicating they have understood and agree to abide by the player code.