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Victoria and District Amateur Basketball Association



Please refer to the "Individual Players" tab under Registration section for further information.



Team Registration will take place:

Friday, September 15th from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM at Cedar Hill Rec Centre

Saturday, September 16th  from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM at Cedar Hill Rec Centre.



Players must play in their correct division by age.
U 11 Under 11 as of Dec 31 2017      2007, 2008, 2009       $900.00
U 13 Under 13 as of Dec 31 2017      2005, 2006               $1050.00
U 15 Under 15 as of Dec 31 2017      2003, 2004               $1100.00
U 18 Under 18 as of Dec 31 2017      2000, 2001, 2002     $1100.00


(Players without a team see above for Individual Player Registration)

  • Only a team may be registered.
  • To register, a team is a minimum of eight (8) players, except for U11 players where the minimum is six (6) players.
  • Teams registering with less than ten (10) players (or eight (8) players for U11) must be willing to accept additional players assigned by the League.
  • In order to register a team, a coach must download the team registration form and complete this form in Microsoft EXCEL.

Instructions to save the Team Registration Form to your computer
for completion:

  • Go to
    • Click on “The Forms Page” on the left, under "Registration"
    • Click on New Team Registration Form (Excel)
    • A Window will popup, click on “Save”. (DO NOT CLICK OPEN or you will see the form but won’t be able to work on it)
    • Choose a location on your computer to save the document
    • Go to the location you saved it, and open it
  • When you have finished filling it in, email it to Terry Crocker as an attachment. DO NOT copy and paste into an email message as the format will be lost. This will really help the Registrar. However, if you do not have access to Microsoft Excel, you may complete the documentation manually by using the Adobe PDF version of the registration form. This form is on the website beside the Excel version indicated above and can be downloaded, printed, filled in manually and scanned/emailed or taken to Terry Crocker in person.
  • As well, a coach must complete an online registration form for each of the players. Old BLUE CARDS will NOT be accepted. A link to the Parental Code of Conduct form will be sent to the parent/guardian of the child once an online registration form has been completed.  The parent/guardian must complete the form, agree to the conditions and submit the form to complete the registration process for insurance purposes.
  • It is the ABSOLUTE responsibility of the coach to ensure the correct age of the player for the division in which his team is placed. Both coach and player will be suspended if there is a breach of the division age rules and a older player plays down as a result thereof.
  • At any time a player or a coach may be required to provide proof of age of the player.
  • Once the online registration forms have been completed and the "Parental Code of Conduct" documents have been completed and submitted to the Registrar, the next step is to write a cheque to V&DABA in the correct amount. Only one (1) cheque per team will be accepted. In other words, it is the coach’s responsibility to collect the fees the coach is charging and it is the coach’s responsibility to remit one (1) cheque to V&DABA. If you are registering more than one (1) team, you may submit one check for all the teams. If you are renting gym space, you will need a separate check. See information under Practice Time.
  • It is preferable to complete the registration form by downloading it in its Microsoft EXCEL format. This will allow our registrar to merge the information into our system and save duplication of this work. If you are unable to email this form to the Registrar, then you must photocopy it, which must be included with your registration.


    • On Registration Day you must physically come to the Registration Site
    • Registration Site (Venue, dates & times) will be advertised well in advance
    • On Registration Day you must bring with you two (2) copies of the
    • Team Registration Form and one (1) copy of the Team Placement Survey
    • On Registration Day you must have registered online a minimum of eight (8) players or six (6) players for U11. Please note that you can continue to add players to November 15th of the current season.
    • To register a player online:

Click on the link below and complete an online registration form for each new player:


To enter the player information, select or type in the information requested and press "Submit".  After pressing "Submit", repeat the process until all your registered player information has been entered.



  • Adding a player will require you to complete a further online registration form and ensure the player's parent completes and submits an online "Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct" form (link to the form is under Policies, Rules & Regs tab) and advise Terry Crocker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of this fact by electronic mail with an updated copy of your Team Registration Form showing the new player and current date.


  • On November 15th, of the current season, all coaches will be required to verify their final Team List, electronically, by email, to Terry Crocker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • This may be done before November 15th if your team is full, in which case you should indicate, by the email that you are forwarding to Terry Crocker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that the attached version is your final Team List.
  • If you do not have email, you may deliver the form to a Gym Supervisor at the gym.
  • Failure to submit “Final Team List” with all completed online registrations and completed and signed "Code of Conduct" will result in disciplinary action.


  • For School District #61 (Victoria) – Contact Mavis Stokke – 479-5542.
  • Gym rental fee is due at registration. The fee is $470.00 per team.
  • No permits or practice will be issued until payment is received.
  • All requests for gym rental are to go through Mavis Stokke.


  • No player may play a league game unless registered with the V&DABA.
  • No team shall register a player after November 15th of the current season

“Final Team List”.

  • All teams must have proper uniforms. All uniform tops must be of the same colour and be numbered front and back. T-shirts, if worn, must be white. The shorts must all be the same colour as the tops or black.


Referees will review the Basketball Rules at our AGM / Coaches & Managers Meeting on Thursday, October 6th, 2016 at S.J. Willis Gym at 7:00 PM

(Doors open at 6:30 PM).

Attendance of all coaches (or a designate) at this meeting is mandatory and each attendee will be required to sign in.