Conduct At Gym

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Re: Conduct at S.J. Willis

It is the responsibility of coaches to make sure that their players/fans respect guidelines created by the League in the interests of safety and security. It is important that you relay the following information to anyone that comes to the gym with your team. We appreciate your co-operation and support.

  • No one is to stand on any of the end lines while waiting for a game to begin. Also, when crossing any end line, people must wait until play is at the other end of the court. This means that if the referee is anywhere near the end line, especially with his or her back turned, DO NOT CROSS! This protects both the referee and the people walking across.
  • No balls are to be bounced in the gym except those being used for the games in session. This protects players from the broken ankles that can occur when loose balls ends up on the court. Violation of this rule will result in basketball confiscation. A suggestion: leave balls in ball bag until preceding game ends.
  • People are responsible for keeping track of any personal belongings they bring into the gym. Unfortunately, lots of things disappear each year. Advise parents and players to bring with them as little as possible and to keep track of valuables, like cell phones and jewellery, at all times.
  • The Equipment Room and V&DABA office are PRIVATE. No one is allowed entry into either of these rooms without prior permission of the Gym Supervisor.

Thank You, Gym Supervisors


Person to Person Defence Guidelines for Coaches

The linked document is a summary of the guidelines put together by the executive to clarify the leagues position on allowable defensive play for U-15 Girls & Boys